Introducing Action(s)

Today is a great day for us at We are releasing the first public beta of our new software, Action(s).

Action(s) lets you build workflows that accomplish manual chores quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. You don’t have to know any scripting languages or write any code. Instead, you create and execute automation “workflows” simply by dragging and dropping each individual step of a process. It’s like creating a kitchen recipe.

We are very proud of our baby. Here are some of the great features that Action(s) offers:
  • Easy-to-use interface: Action(s) comes with a library of dozens of actions that users can browse or search to find exactly what they need. Actions are dragged and dropped from the library to create workflows.
  • Complete control: the pre-installed actions allow manipulation of files and folders, image cropping, scaling, conversion, and adjustment, command line execution, variable storage and access and much more.
  • Extendable architecture: Developers can easily create and share their own actions.
  • Re-usable: Display controls allow action parameters to be customized each time a workflow is executed; encapsulated flow design enables workflows to be used within other workflows.
  • Portable: Java and XML format used by Action(s) ensure that workflows can be shared with others, whatever their operating system is.

Action(s) is available in English and French and is free.

Simply click on the launch button. Action(s) will download and start.