A good action

This year, the app.jbbres.com team is running the 14km Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac for a cause we care about: Médecins Sans Frontières.

If you can, please support us by donating what you can on our fundraising page.
Click here for more information.


Action(s) hits the top 5% rated on developer.com

Great new! Action(s) has been reviewed and rated 950 / 1000 by JARS, the Java division of developer.com. With this great rating, Action(s) has entered the prestigious top 5% best rated softwares by the website.

Action(s) has beed rated 950 over a possible 1 000 points. The rating is divided in tree parts:
  • Presentation: 350 over 400 possible points
  • Function: 300 over 300 possible points
  • Originality: 300 over 300 possible points

Find more information at http://jars.developer.com/utilities/other/resource.php/41601.

News collections of actions

This week have been very busy for us at app.jbbres.com, but we are proud to release today two new great free collections of actions:
  • The first collection gives you control over the mouse and keyboard of the computer: the 9 actions included into this pack allows you to move the mouse over the screen, click a mouse button, press a combination of keys etc.
  • The second one is a little action that might be a great help for HTML developers: it converts the received text into the ISO 8859-1 charset for HTML: with this action, no more problem of accents and special characters in your web pages!

Those great collections of actions are available in the More Actions webpage or by clicking on "Get more actions..." in the "Help" menu within Action(s).

A Little Update

Today we are releasing a little update of Action(s) (beta 15). It contains some bugs corrections and user interface updates. But stay tune: new stuffs are coming tomorrow...


Get More Actions

Some of you may have notice a strange little option in the Help menu named "Get more actions...".

Action(s) provides a lot of built-in actions to work with files, images, Internet... but depending on what you want to do, this might not be enough. Fortunatly, Action(s) is also made to support additional actions, which means that anybody with some knowledge in computer programing can create new actions and add them into Action(s).
In order to help you find new actions, we have create a dedicated webpage where all extentions for Action(s) are available. You can access it by clicking on the "Get more actions..." menu in Action(s) or simply by following this link.
One on the webpage, simply download the new actions you are interrested in, open the actc file and and the new actions will be instantly available within Action(s). Et voila.

But wait, that’s not all: today we are providing the very first extention for Action(s). We named it Split Files because it’s a set of actions to split big files in smaller files. It is very usefull if you want to sent files via the Internet but have a size limitation. We’re sure you gonna love it! It is available in the Get more actions webpage.

If you are a developper and you want to know how to create your own actions, remember that everything you need - API, documentation, tutorial and much more - are available in the Resources for developpers webpage.