Yes, we're still there!

Some of you have been wondering why there were not much news posted in the last months and if we were still working on Action(s).
Well, be reensure that we still are. We are currently working on Action(s) 1.2 that will bring you will a lot of new actions and functionalities.

As you know, Action(s) is a free tool. Therefore we cannot work on it full time. We have another professional life. You know, the one that pays the bills. So depending on things are going, we are able to spend time on improving Action(s). And sometime it is more difficult. Lately, it has been more on the « difficult » part. Not much time. But hopefully, it will be better soon.

Until then, do not hesitate to continue keep us posted with your ideas and comments, and we’ll do our best to find time to improve Action(s) and make it even better!
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