announces Action(s) for Windows and Mac OS X announces Action(s) for Windows and Mac OS X – Automating your frequent tasks has never been easier.

International Press Release – 14th June 2010

Manly, Australia - 14th June 2010 - has announced the immediate availability of Action(s) 1.0 beta: an all-new tool to accomplish time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Action(s) does not require any knowledge of scripting languages or code writing. Instead, automation “workflow” are created and executed simply by dragging and dropping individual steps of a process into an actions window.

* Easy-to-use interface: Action(s) comes with a library of dozens of actions that users can browse or search to find exactly what they need. Actions are dragged and dropped from the library to create workflows.

* Complete control: the pre-installed actions allow manipulation of files and folders, image cropping, scaling, conversion, and adjustment, command line execution, variable storage and access and much more.

* Extendable architecture: Developers can easily create and share their own actions.

* Re-usable: Display controls allow action parameters to be customized each time a workflow is executed; encapsulated flow design enables workflows to be used within other workflows.

* Portable: Java and XML format used by Action(s) ensure that workflows can be shared with others, whatever their operating system is.

* Available in English and French.

Availability & Pricing
Action(s) 1.0 is free.
Public beta version is available today. Action(s) 1.0 will be released during the second half of 2010.

System Requirements
Action(s) 1.0 requires Java 6 SE or newer ( Action(s) is fully compatible with Windows XP or newer and with Mac OSX 10.5 or newer.

Download Link:

Press Contact
Jean-Baptiste Bres
Founder and Lead Developer,
[email protected]

Action(s) Press Kit Download Link:

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