Beta Version
A trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.

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The beta program for Action(s) 1.1 is now closed. Click here to download the latest version of Action(s) 1.1.

Welcome to the Action(s) public release candidate. We’re excited about the new features and advancements in the new Action(s) 1.1 release candidate and we hope you will be too. Included on this page is information about Action(s), details about the new release candidate of Action(s) 1.1, and access to Action(s) 1.1 release candidate software.

What Is Action(s)?

Action(s) lets you build workflows that accomplish manual chores quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. You don’t have to know any scripting languages or write any code. Instead, you create and execute automation “workflows” simply by dragging and dropping each individual step of a process. It’s like creating a kitchen recipe... and it’s free.

Visit the Action(s) website for more information...

The Action(s) 1.1 release candidate

We’re offering a public release candidate of the next release of Action(s) to give you a chance to preview some of the new features and enhancements in the upcoming version. It's an opportunity for you to evaluate a select portion of the new features planned for Action(s), to help the team discover and address issues if any, and to send feedback that team can use to make Action(s) an even better software and more efficient assistant for you.

For the development of this latest release, we’ve focused on what we believe are the fundamental priorities of our customers: performance and human interface. Some of the new features included for you to play with in the Action(s) release candidate are:
  • 9 new actions to efficiently manage email messages. Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Live Mail and more.
  • 3 new actions to improve the dynamic of your workflows: Condition, Loop and Dispense items incrementally.
  • Execute scripts within your workflow, using JavaScript or AppleScript*.
  • Variable edition
  • Improved security. Application signed with a 2048 bit certificate.

List of changes in Action(s) 1.1...

*AppleScript requires Mac OS X.

Anyone can try the Action(s) 1.1 release candidate

The Action(s) 1.1 release candidate program is available to the public, so that means anyone with an Internet connection can download it and start putting it to the test. The version of Action(s) release candidate software available for download is offered in English and French, and works on Windows and Mac. This version is also compatible with Linux but have not been tested on this system. For more informatin, see system requirement below.
You can download the release candidate and use it until the product expires. The current Action(s) public release candidate will expire on February 28th, 2011.

Please note that the software available in this public release candidate is not a final release. The product quality and the features are still being developed and completed. Like any release candidate, usage of this product carries more risk than using a final product. We’ve tested the product thoroughly and do not anticipate serious issues but for critical work, you should rely on the shipping version.

Let's starts

To launch Action(s) 1.1 release candidate, simply click on the button bellow. Action(s) 1.1 release candidate will automatically download on your computer and start. No complex installation process: it just works.

The beta program for Action(s) 1.1 is now closed. Click here to download the latest version of Action(s)

Known issues

  • none so far

System requirements
Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later
Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later ; Java SE 6 or later (download)

Action(s) is compatible with
Compatible with Mac OS X Compatible with Microsoft Windows Compatible with Java